Read what my clients have to say:

“Boot camp is exactly what I needed and has helped me achieve results I couldn’t seem to get on my own. Prior to starting boot camp, I considered myself to be very fit. I was an avid runner consistently running 30 miles a week. I had added pilates to my workout routine and saw a little change in my body as a result but still couldn’t seem to be happy with the way I looked. I decided to give boot camp a try just to see what would happen. Boy, am I glad I did! In the first 6 weeks, I lost fat and inches and had to take my work clothes to the tailor to be taken in! As icing on the cake, the class is so fun! I really enjoy the other people in the class and look forward to going. I have learned ways of working my body that I never would have thought of and I notice that I feel stronger and, in general, better on a day to day basis. Plus, due to the increase in my core strength, I am becoming a faster runner even though I am running less. Boot camp has changed my workout routine and I am finally getting the results that I want! Thanks, Flavius!” – Susan Krohne


“I have been exercising all of my adult life and I have never achieved the results that I am experiencing now with Designer Fitness boot camp. I am a fit 45 year old woman who has brought my fitness to the next level. I am stronger, toner and my well being is great since I began a short 3 months ago. Is it easy? NO! But worth it definitely! And a BLAST!” – Leslie Nichol


“I just completed 6 weeks of the most challenging bootcamp in town! I lost 5 pounds and 1 3/4″ while having fun and being challenged to push myself to do a little more each day. The Ignite Bootcamp was motivation, intense and challenging, yet I knew the goals were attainable. I exercise every day and this was the change I needed to get results. Thanks Flavius!” – Lauren Spatafore


“I signed up for Bootcamp because I needed an extra push in my workout routine. It’s been an amazing experience from the very beginning. Every time I attend Flavius’ class, I’m challenged on all levels – aerobic, strength training, core work and agility. He always finds a way to push me to my limit and beyond. The results of my 3 times and week, 6 week session, were exactly what I needed – a much stronger core, increased upper body strength, faster footwork & agility and increased flexibility. I also feel more energetic and have more stamina that I’ve had in several years. A surprising benefit has been my much improved tennis game, which I know has been because of the core work and strength training during class. Flavius truly cares about each one of his participant’s goals and offers individualized training tips and motivation both in and outside of class. Bootcamp has also introduced me to several great people from the neighborhood, and I’m looking forward to continuing to make new friendships through his class. If you are stuck in the same old workout routine, I would highly recommend Flavius’ bootcamp, it has taken my athletic performance to a higher level!!” – Tammy Wede


“At 46 years old I have always been an athlete, enjoyed fitness and staying in shape.  Over the years I have worked with many personal trainers and attended many fitness classes to stay fit.   While I enjoy working to stay in shape, I had found my boot camp classes had become boring, unmotivating and routine.  I was not experiencing the level of success I wanted to achieve.  I had actually become the “clock watcher” in my fitness classes..bored and constantly looking to see if  “my time was up”!  I wanted to find a personal trainer and instructor who had the ability to understand not just my fitness goals, but also the knowledge, ability and expertise to know HOW to apply it to my physique. Then a friend told me about Designer Fitness and Flavius Duncan.  Having experienced many knowledgeable fitness instructors and personal trainers, I thought I had seen it all.  WAS I WRONG!  From the moment I stepped into his class, not only was I challenged, BUT I HAD FUN!  His creativity and level of knowledge was beyond anything I had ever experienced. He took the time to understand my fitness goals  in a way I had never experienced.  His classes brought me to a whole new level of fitness and success.  The fun and creativity in which he applied his skill and knowledge turned me from the “clock watcher” into the amazement of “Wow! Did that class go fast!”  With his assistance, I lost 7 pounds and 13 inches in 6 weeks.  I couldn’t believe it! I thought…”Are you sure that isn’t a typo?”  I am thrilled with the fitness goals he has helped me achieve.  I have never experienced anything like it.  Every class is fun, challenging and different.  I am in better shape then ever, and tell people if you really want to get in shape, and exceed what you hope to achieve, this is the person and place to go!  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!”  –Michelle Davis